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Our service is fully automated 24/7/365.
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SSL protected login / client area and anti-brute force protection.
Your authorized IPs or any other sensitive information will not travel in plaintext over the internet.

We're using the high-grade encryption AES 256bits.


Which service is best for me? If you need several IPs from various countries daily for short time, Private Proxy Lists is your
best option. If you need fast stable proxies on the fly, then you should choose Private SOCKS 5 Proxy Service.

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PRIVATE PROXY LISTS $30/mo Private Proxy Lists

We're able to provide very fast public proxies that are not listed in Google and are very unlikely to be listed on other proxy

- 1000+ working proxies every day! We provide decent database driven system. No emails from 90's.
- Our proxy lists are auto checked every 6 hours.
- Detailed proxy lists with option to search proxies by country, state, city, type, port, IP and speed without limits.

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Our fully automated proxy lists are based on the industry leading tools such as:

NiX Proxy Checker PRO:
NiX Forum Proxy Leecher

PRIVATE SOCKS 5 PROXIES $25/mo Private SOCKS 5 proxies

- Highly anonymous proxy servers in multiple countries with 5,0 Mbps dedicated speeds.

*** All locations are available to our clients: Europe : Finland/Germany/United Kingdom Asia: Japan - USA. Total: 55 IPs ***

We provide fast and stable service. Our dedicated servers on 100Mbit+ connections will not let anyone down.

VPN $10/mo Service

- All locations are available to our clients for the price of one: Europe : Finland/Germany/United Kingdom and USA

- Unblock internet and Access sites like Hulu, Pandora, ABC, NBC, BBC iPlayer, ITV

- Provides a layer of security and protects you by hiding your real IP address

- Secure connection between your PC or mobile phone and the Internet (128bit encryption)

- Access sites or services restricted to EU/US residents


NiX Proxy Checker PRO is state-of-the-art proxy checker offering unbeatable features compare to any other.
Offers identical solution also to ISP admins who don't allow open proxies in their network.

Do you want to be a King? We make proxy kings.

- Extremely fast, reliable results and thoroughly tested proxies
- It is multi-threaded (up to 125 threads) ~29500+ proxy per hour!
- All proxy types are supported: HTTP, SSL CONNECT, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4/5 and SOCKS 5
- Protocol Auto-detection
- Built-in up to date proxy geographical location information: Country, Region (State) and City
- Powerful proxy hunter mode (Create and scan automatically new proxy list (B and C class subnets) based on your IP or proxy list and port settings!)

Produces both simple and detailed proxy lists:

5x.1x6.1x6.1x2:8x80 RNDS: [JP] JAPAN State/Region: OSAKA City: OSAKA CONNECT: No AnonyLevel: 3 Delay: 7.74 seconds Checked ago: 1300413035

The price includes one year updates and support via email. If requested, annual setup is free of charge.

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The online proxy checker offers the same features as NiX Proxy Checker PRO +

- Decent user friendly database driven system
- Your proxy lists are only available to you
- Built-in up to date proxy geographical location information: Country, Region (State) and City
- Export to a text file [EASY-COPY]

Live demo (registration required):