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    Arrow Need Someone to Set Server (Apache/PHP/MySQL) on VPS


    I want to buy unmanaged VPS and need someone to set server for me.
    Purpose of that server will be to host auto blogging network - many wordpress blogs.

    I need someone with experience to set that server for me.

    You need to:

    1) Help me to decide what company and plan to choose (Linode, 6sync, Hetzner, enscloud or gigenetcloud or maybe some other ?). I think for wordpress sites I need a lot of memory. I will need to buy over time different SEO IPs. So prefer some company that can offer SEO IPs for under $3/month
    I want best choice when compare price,speed,uptime,...

    2) Set usual server like most of hosting companies have today. I'm not sure what exactly is there but just need wordpress to work. I guess it's apacha/php/mysql...

    3) I want to cut expenses for cPanel and want some free panel where I can easily: add new domain, make new database, db user and assign user to db. Also I would like to have phpmyadmin and some visual cron for each account. That is all I need for one wordpress site. I also need to easily add new SEO IP and when adding new domains to choose one of IPs. You need to install and configure that panel.

    4) Set server security. I found one thread here - and would like if you can do all that on my server and also set that SSH with root is not allowed, but only SU with some other user. Change SSH port and all the rest that is important for security.

    5) Configure server to work fast. Remove all services that I don't need.

    6) Optional (if you don't know to make this I will find someone just for this task).

    In order to automate and speedup creating new blogs I need some custom script that will do this:
    When I add new domain (new account) to server it should make database on fly, add user to and assign all privileges to that user.

    Please tell me:

    - your price for this job (for first 5 task and for 6th task separately)

    - about your experience and references

    - suggest me VPS server company (read 1st task from list above) and what plan to choose if I want to host 20 blogs from beginning - so I can calculate all costs for this project.

    - your price for updating software on this server. I guess that every X months I need to update some services or linux core. Can you describe how can I do it on mysqlf or tell me your price for that.

    Send me PM or post your email here and I will contact you.


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    PM sent! We can do this for you at very reasonable rates with best results. Please check your PM for more details.

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    freelancer server admin

    Dear Nikola

    I trust you are doing well
    i think still you are waiting for someone to assist you on server setup , i work as technical consultant and an independent freelancer, I have been managing complex IT infrastructure since last several years and i am sure i can be perfect match with your stated requirements,
    If i have been given an opportunity I am ready to accomplish given task as per your infrastructure requirements either full time / part time depend upon mode of working you select.
    I had worked on number of part time projects in past as technical consultant for managing and trouble shooting in Server Administration, Hosting Controlpanel Administration , FTP , Middle ware Applications Servers, JBoss , IIS , Apache, LAMP, Clustering with SLA driven system ,my work response time would not more than 24 hrs.
    If needed i can provide you number of reference or feed back received on my work experience.

    If needed i can be available for scheduled telephonic or personal interview .

    Thank You ,


    please do send me reply on [email protected]

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    why do you want unmanaged, when you require server management?

    EDIT: Not a critique, just curious
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digg View Post
    why do you want unmanaged, when you require server management?

    EDIT: Not a critique, just curious
    I think this is a sensible post. Most 'managed' service providers really only setup packages that come with the distro and do a bit of monitoring. What the OP is asking for goes beyond the remit of standard managed hosting.

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    IMHO, most of the things that you have mentioned are things that are covered by Managed service providers.
    Eg:- Beachcomber, SLhost.
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    I would recommend

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    Quote Originally Posted by laswatech View Post

    Can you please answer on all questions from my post.

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