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    VPS showdown - KnownHost vs ServInt vs VPSLatch

    If you had to pick a VPS provider and your choices were between KnownHost, VPSLatch and ServInt which would you pick and why?

    Criteria would be:

    1. Managed solution and support staff - help is there when you need it, it's handled quickly and the techs know what they're doing.

    2. Overall server performance and configuration - VPS configured properly, optimized for the best performance and is consistently reliable

    3. Price to features - they offer a fair price for the specs you're getting

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    KnownHost will be my first choice i have used their services in the past. Great Provider!

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    ServInt and KnownHost are top-tier providers. VPSLatch is a budget provider.

    I don't have any firsthand experience of VPSLatch, and I'm not criticizing them, but something has to give when you drop the price (IMO).
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    KnownHost and Servint they both are top notch providers.

    VPSLatch is waaaaaay after them.

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    I chose KnownHost because of the great reviews. I have to say the reviews were spot on. Great network, great reliability, great support, and you get a good amount of resources for the money. My second choice would be WiredTree.

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    Knownhost Are Great!!! Like TheJoker said my second choice would be wiredtree.

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    ServInt is one of the best decisions I ever made. - WordPress for all of us

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