After being with this small provider for 4 almost 5 months i think its time to review it.

I currently have 2 VPS's with them one in France and one in Germany, i had one VPS in USA before but since i am from Europe, when they started offering Germany VPS's i just asked for a VPS in Germany instead of USA.

I only have this VPS with them in Germany for 1 month so might be to soon for a review but i will write about it anyway.


I have always had awesome support in anything i needed the replys have always been given within 2-4 hours.

RATE: 9/10


On my France VPS i had 2 days of downtime due to OVH problems and slow support but taking this i never had any downtime.

They don't use "top noch" hardware in their Virtual Private Servers.

Their servers have Core 2 Quad, and core i5 but they have plenty of space on their servers, i never noticed my VPS being slow and/or having any performance problems

RATE: 10/10


After discussing prices with their billing department i actually got some nice prices for the resources that i have.

RATE: 8/10


I would recommend anyone to use them they are really nice guys.