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    PM Part-Time: Level 1 Technician / Junior Web Developer / Manager

    Dear Web Hosting Talk:

    As you all may know, the economy is rough, and a lot of people are seeking employment and/or secondary jobs, which the latter is relevant to what I am looking for.

    My name is Morgan, twenty two, from Maryland. I am looking for, as my subject of my post indicates, a PM Part-Time Level 1 Technician, Junior Web Developer, or Manager position either remotely or in-house anywhere in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, or DC locations.

    What makes me qualified for each position?

    Level 1 Technician: I have held a shared hosting account since I have been fourteen, learning the ins and outs of cPanel. At the age of sixteen, I owned a reseller account to assist locals with web hosting needs, where I learned the fundamentals of WHM and WHMCS. Since then, I have assisted various hosting providers with different needs.

    Junior Web Developer: I know xHTML, CSS, basic Java Script, and basic PHP. I primarily focus on the maintenance of pre-made codes and optimizing pre-made code for simple SEO structure.

    Manager: Having a year and a half of office related experience and being a leader during summer camp employment, I know the importance of properly organizing and leading a team. A proper manager knows when to balance power and the ability to listen and utilize ideas.

    My current schedule (may be subject to change for next week):

    Sunday: 10am - 10pm EST.
    Monday: 9pm - 12am EST.
    Tuesday: 9pm - 12am EST.
    Wednesday: 9pm - 12am EST.
    Thursday: 9pm - 12am EST.
    Friday: 9pm - 12am EST.
    Saturday: 10am - 10pm EST.

    You can find my resume and other information on my website. If there are any opportunities available, please respond to this post with contact information.

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