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    liquid web sales vs rackspace sales

    we are currently hosting a newspaper site. lately the newspaper site started having too much traffic (around 200.000 unique visitors a day) and the server started to be unstable...

    we decided to order 8 servers with load balancers and asked liquid web for a quick quote so we can order as fast as possible. this process, after 15 days, is not yet completed.
    After to weeks requesting the same quote from their sales, we were not able to have one to place our order!!!!

    i have never seen this!

    meanwile, we ordered a new dedicated server at liquidweb for the newspaper hoping it will support the traffic and load, unfortunatly it didn't, (again we are still waiting for our load balancing quote)
    2 days later we ordered another dedicated server to host the admin section and the sql databases, and kept the site on the first server. again it did not support the load..( we are still asking every day for a quote!)

    they spent 15 days to calculate their engineering fees!
    wile we are still having our site down every 5 minutes quit mysql services restarted every 5 minutes, and our visitors having problems logging to the site.

    more terrible: when we asked for the first server, to move our newspaper site, we asked them to handle the migration themselves, they delivered us the server very fast (less than 6 hours) but the transfer request was allocated to someone who decided to go in weekend and leave the ticket open!!
    so basically we order a dedicated server and wait three days to have one single account moved from one server to another while we have a site crashing the server every 10 minutes!
    we decided to do the move ourselves as their support was in weekend!
    Guess what, when their support came back he simply processed the request moved the 3 days old newspaper site and overwrote the actual newspaper site!!!! without informing us.(they have usually a process where they wait for you ok to do the move)
    we had then to recover a 24 hour old backup and fill back all the news in the newspaper!

    Back to our sales team, during the fist 2 days we had a quote for around 5000 us per month and were ready to proceed, they told us that they needed to have a conference call to ensure of the setup we needed. but hey needed also 3 days to have the engineer in their data center!
    we insisted that the issue is important, but they decided to delay the call for 3 days. guess what? they use voice over ip to call you for a 5000 us dollar mothly contract!
    we were unable to hear them, we called back 10 minutes later, the engineer had left!

    we decided to ask rackspace for a quote, they called us 7 times within two hours, had a contract and a quote ready (we are talking 13.500 us dollars per month!) money was not an issue for the client, but liquid web team did not care about this issue! we were loosing our client because he started thinking that we are unable to provide him with the service his newspaper site need
    We asked Rackspace to have the setup ready in 36 hours, they approved!
    liquid web needed 10 days!
    We signed a contract the rackspace yesterday!
    I wonder how such things can happen with such reputable companies? if you cant count on them to setup a system very fast because your actual site hosted on their servers is crashing.
    while i am writing this email, the mysql server is restarting every 5 minutes and i have 4 tickets opened since 24 hours.

    anyone has an explanation for this? because liquid web doesn't!

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    Can you please provide me with a hostname that was on the order? Feel free to PM me, or email ([email protected]) me directly, and I will investigate this as soon as possible.

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    Firstly, can you provide proof ? Saying that your server is restarting every 5 mins, its not proof in itself.

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    Hi Jimy444,

    Thanks for sharing your account of the experience you had with both. I find it interesting how, according to you, LW took too long to send a quote. Perhaps LW is swamped with sales requests (someone from LW will most likely explain here).

    Anyway, it'd be interesting to see how Rackspace handles your contract in the coming week.

    Joe / UNIXY
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    Love to help pro bono (time permitting). joe >

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farrukh View Post
    Firstly, can you provide proof ? Saying that your server is restarting every 5 mins, its not proof in itself.
    attached a screenshot;-)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Untitled-1.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by UNIXy View Post
    Hi Jimy444,

    Anyway, it'd be interesting to see how Rackspace handles your contract in the coming week.

    Joe / UNIXY
    RackSpace is a great compant to deal with, haven't had an issues with them myself. That's one great thing about them. Their sales and support are pretty proactive compared to other companies.

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    id go with rackspace as well there prices are a little higher but there more dependable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motiv View Post
    Interesting and unfortunate for LW!
    shure, i really like liquidweb, i have my own dedicated server with them, but was really surprised with the way their sales deal with big contrcats....

    they lost a client because the lack of their follow up in the most critical phase of the sale process.

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    Received emails from the sales team, they apologised, and proposed to set up the load balancing system free of charge the first month!
    it's a 6000-8000$ gift!

    unfortunatly for me it's too late :-(
    i went with rackspace, lowered my commission siginficantly,
    if they would have been able to propose us their quote in time, i would have maked another thousand dollar per month!

    because the sale wasn't reactive enough i lost around 12.000 us dollars at least for a year contract!
    sad for me

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    Hi Jimy,

    I work at Rackspace, where I tell our customers' stories. I'm so glad that Rackspace came through for you here.

    I'd love to talk to you about your experience--drop me a line at laurel.wamsley (at) if you like.


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