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    Help/advice in regards to Cloud hosting


    I'm pretty new to Cloud Hosting/Computing and would like some help with this issue.

    I currently have a dedicated server with the specs:

    3.06Ghz Intel Core i7 950
    6GB DDR3 RAM
    80GB Intel X25-M SSD (primary for content)
    80GB Intel X25-M SSD (secondary for database)
    LiteSpeed Web Server

    My site contains over a thousand images hosted on the single dedicated server. The reason for this is simply because my PHP script cannot support external images, which is why I need them to be hosted locally. Because of this, I often experience very high I/O during peak times and thus, require SSDs.

    Apart from the images creating high I/O, there is also a pretty high MySQL CPU usage during peak times (load reaches around 30.00).

    When it is not during peak hours, the site's load is only around 2.24 with I/O of 0.01%wa.

    Right now, the server is costing me approx $450/month (fully managed) and I was wondering if Cloud hosting is the way to go to save money and increase performance.

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    I would look at segregating everything out. We had a customer before DHS came in that was on a Lamp Cluster. So we had 8 total Apache/PHP, then we had 2 Database servers (master/slave to master/slave replication)

    We were able to decrease the amount of processors previously used without sacrificing performance. Worked out very well.

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