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    Possible to lease a big dedicated web setup for just a month?

    I have a nice, happy colo server, which is fine for my business nearly all the time. But recently I had a project possibility that one server couldn't handle, and I had to pass.

    I wondered -- do any hosting companies exist that would be willing to or specialize in providing something like six U's of hardware (all set up with Windows OS) short term, maybe a month or six weeks? Probably it would be very expensive if available, but worth knowing about if the option exists.

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    What type of hardware specs would you be looking for?

    I'd search the dedicated server offers forum for the hardware you were looking for and ask those providers if they offer this. If they keep the hardware your looking for in stock it should be a lot easier to work with them on short term rentals.

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    I would actually hope to outline my needs (database-heavy web app that needs to support X simultaneous users and Y database queries per minute, that load being greater than what my 1-U server can do) and look to the host company to recommend a configuration, since it's beyond my experience. If anyone did that sort of service on a regular basis, probably they would know roughly what is required. Admittedly, maybe that market niche is too small for anyone to bother with.

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    Sounds like something for which you could use cloud hosting; instant scalability on a pay-for-what-you-use basis. There is a specific forum here for cloud hosting. Maybe you'll have better luck there.

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    Cloud servers look like they could work for you, though not a lot of providers offer Windows.

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    After posting, I kicked myself and thought of that -- maybe an old-fashioned dedicated cluster is obsolete and impractical for short-term situations. I guess that is what the cloud is all about. Though the offerings are not easy to figure out.

    A lot of cloud services sound a lot like same old shared hosting, or VPS or dedicated servers, but relabeled "cloud." But they don't seem to have any setup cost or commitment, which is good for me.

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    youd end up getting that many dedicated servers but its possible

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