I use GoDaddy Windows Virtual Dedicated Server right now.
I setup one domain/website MX setting to GMail setting because it will use GoogleApps for email purpose.
The domain itself is hosted at this GoDaddy Windows VDS.

But the problem is I cannot send email from any domains hosted at my GoDaddy Windows VDS to that website. The email is never delivered.
I sent email from email client or webmail.
But I have no problem if I send email using gmail or yahoo! account or from any domains that is not hosted at my server.

I have disable the domain mail server from Plesk control panel as the GD support asked me to do.
This error also happened to domains with GD email service that using secureserver.net MX setting.
I have reported this error but no solution from GD support until now.

Is there anybody experience the same error like me ?
Please share any suggestion or solution.

Regards - Krish