This product package is in-use by a number of hosts and has received great reviews. Essential for any shared hosting provider!

Product Information:Highlights:
  • 24/7/365 automated monitoring for abusive users.
  • Accounts which exceed your defined backup limit, will have their cPanel backup privileges restricted.
  • Abusive users are warned automatically once their level of abuse reaches a pre-set threshold.
  • Administrators may view inode usage details within WHM.
  • Continuously abusive accounts may be automatically suspended once a preset threshold of abuse has been reached.
  • Clients may view the abuse history for each service within the client area of WHMCS.
  • Clients may view their resource usage within cPanel.
  • Inode usage is calculated daily.
  • Save valuable man-hours in terms of investigating and actioning abuse issues.
  • Separate thresholds may be set for standard accounts and reseller accounts.
  • The abuse from every server within your network will be logged; provided that you install and configure CSF/LFD and the WHM plugin on each server.
  • You can monitor every server within your network with this one package. CSF/LFD and the WHM plugin must be installed on each server, but the WHMCS addon module only needs to be installed to your WHMCS installation.
  • Your resellers can see which of their clients are generating the alerts and take the appropriate action.

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