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    Thumbs up Tired of Spam! Let us Handle them with a Premium Anti-Spam Solution


    IT Experts Ltd is pleased to announce the re-launch of Emergic Cleanmail. A premium Anti-Spam solution which guarantees 100% Virus Free and 99% Spam Free Email.

    Emergic CleanMail (ECM) is an Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus solution offered as a service to ensure spam and virus emails are cleaned with multiple layers of protection before they enter your system. ECM's State-of-the-Art infrastructure consist of multiple servers in load balancing mode in multiple IDC's across the globe to ensure you 99.99% availability

    Some Key Benefits:

    • Saves internet bandwidth by eliminating spam & virus at the gateway level.
    • No hardware or software installation & maintenance.
    • Lowers TCO.
    • Provides 100% virus free and 99% spam-free mails.
    • Prevents email borne DOS attacks.
    • Protects your server from Directory Attacks (DoS).
    • Protects from Phishing Scams.
    • Safely queues emails for 5 days in case primary email server is down

    Request a 14 Trial and see yourself. No Contracts / No Fees

    Check it out at

    Pricing: 1 - 250 Users: $ 16 /mailbox per year
    That is: $1.33 per Month.

    Need more users. Contact us at [email protected]

    HSV Informatics Ltd - Since 2011
    Shared Hosting | VPS | Dedicated Servers

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