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    What is considered old/established nowadays?

    I've got less than a handful of domains. All personal sites with very low traffic ( < 1000-1500 hits, < 50 UV per month for all domains total). Hosting personal email for just 1 or 2 accounts. Openvpn for netflix/hulu streaming for me while I travel overseas for work.

    Since my needs are so small (i.e. I can run all of that happily on 128MB RAM, 20GB disk, < 25GB BW / month) I'm not looking for anything spectacular, but I am hard over on finding a VPS host that is established. I just don't want to have to be worrying that the company is going belly up in a few months like so many of the younger hosts. With my needs, I can live with a little bit of down time or slow downs here and there. I don't need 5 9's uptime (i.e. 99.999%), I can live with momentary glitches or slow downs with low traffic, infrequent requests.

    There are a ton of great OpenVZ low priced deals floating around the net, but it's hard to tell nowadays who is established and who is a fly by night operation.

    What is considered established/old nowadays? 2 years old company? 4? 6?
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    By the way, this thread isn't so much a request for hosts. I know some of the older players, Burst, Hostgator, Jaguar, etc. I'm just pinging the community on what's considered established. Is it a time statement? Is it a growth or client base statement?

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    What is considered established/old nowadays?
    2 years old company. Website with google page rank and alexa traffic rank. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
    Reseller Hosting Cpanel PURE SSD CloudLinux Softaculous
    Windows Reseller Asp.NET 4.5 MSSQL 2012 SmarterMail Enterprise

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    I believe it's the quality of the host, and how reputable they are.

    Even newer hosts, how do you think they get to be come the more established? By client's trust and working with them if a client is new, don't go for a pre-payment plan just stick with a monthly payment term so you can always be okay, and make sure you have back up's, even with company's such as burst you always wanna keep your information backed up as you never know what could happen. I personally tried out a newer host, and I personally love it, but they are backed by there parent company which has been around for a few years I found out..

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