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    Considering VPS as a Cloud Solution

    Hi everyone!
    This is my first post. I've been reading several of the tutorials and decided to make an account. I'm considering buying a VPS share to use for personal cloud computing. I'm not a subject matter expert by any stretch, but I do know a bit as an engineer. First off I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I've primarily been a Windows user, but recently migrated towards Ubuntu on 2 of my laptops and am liking the experience. At this point I'm planning to move all my computers towards Ubuntu by the end of the year. I'll still be using Windows at work though, as I don't have a say in that decision.
    Basically I'm hoping to get some advice in this thread. Would you recommend a VPS as an initial introduction to cloud computing? If yes, any minimum requirements I should consider beyond the obvious; and any company recommendations?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I should mention that I am definately planning on ordering a MANAGED service, seeing as I am new to all this. I'm alittle confused reading about the various control softwares involved - but I figure I'll learn on the fly w/ firsthand experience.
    EDIT: Should also mention that I'm purchasing my first Droid (HTC Thunderbolt) and plan to be able to access my cloud from my phone.

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    Hello Sawka,

    Welcome aboard. So to the clouds with you "A"? Just fooling around. Cloud hosting, good choice my personal favorite. My speal about a cloud accounts, hope your intrested in a cloud situation. What is the cloud? A hardware-redundant hosting platform that makes downtime resulting from hardware failure a thing of the past.

    Why choose the cloud? Never a need to worry about hardware failure, upset customers or overpaying for services with server equipment you don't need. You can rapidly scale your solution to meet the constant changing demands of your website or server needs.

    Actually, a casual hosting user cannot really tell if they are hosted on a VPS, Cloud system, or in fact a dedicated server; this is of course unless the user actually has root access. By the same token, hosting on a dedicated server places the Master Reseller, Reseller's and their clients at a disatvantage should there ever be a hardware or software failure; where as a VPS in a cloud configuration allows for complete security (as if dedicated) and more redundancy by it outstanding configuration usage to other redundant servers in the cloud. There could be 100's of servers all working together to keep your website and clients web sites on-line at all times.

    Cloud hosting offers many advantages in comparison to VPS hosting. Normal VPSs' are based on Software virtualization technology in which multiple VPSs are created on a Single physical sever with the help of Software virtualization technology. These VPSs do not have fully functional operating system because OS is installed through the OS templates and one of the major disadvantage of this template OS is that you can't update it individually.

    Cloud hosting VM's (Virtual Machines) are based on a Hardware virtualization technology in which Cloud hosting plans are hosted on a cluster of servers with fully functional OS. In this Cloud server situation you can easily run OS and security updates. Cloud hosting provides you high availability with better performance. When Cloud hosting is compared to normal VPS, Cloud VM offer you greater reliability and scalability far better than any dedicated server could ever do. With our own VPS cloud environment it is extremely robust, powered by the OVZ virtualization software, and runs better than any shared cloud environment I've ever seen to date.

    Redundancy, scalability, control, and performance are at the foundation of our Private Cloud Server solution. No longer is it necessary to pay for underutilized hardware. Save time with rapid deployment. Save yourself the guesswork of choosing hardware by picking a solution that allows you to expand or contract your resources as your needs change. - Affordable Web Hosting

    Providing low cost "Value" Hosting since 1999

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