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    SGI introduces monster Windows Server for datacenters

    The box itself is capable of supporting up to a maximum of 2048 cores and 16 TB of main memory; Windows Server Datacenter Edition is only capable of supporting up to 1 TB of memory and 128 cores, hence the need to use hardware partitioning to get the most out of the box. A report in The Register quoted Sunny Sundstrom, director of product marketing at SGI, as saying that SGI and Microsoft are working on a certification of the Microsoft OS that will be able to span 256 cores and 2TB of memory.;content
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    So many point of failure in such a huge server 'cloud in a box' hahahahaha sorry not going to accept that.

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    What's the price tag going to be on this?

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    Ahhh SGI, barely a shadow of its former self.
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    but can it run linux ?

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