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    * veVPS - Budget VPS Hosting with vePortal from 8.95$ (1GB RAM - 40GB HDD - 2000GB BW) launch his budget VPS service have a look on our incredible pricing scheme!

    Our servers are tuned for maxmimum performance and utilize Multiple Processors, ECC RAM, and RAID-10 storage and our servers hardware is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA with full duplex 100mbps port.

    Switching from another provider?
    Open a ticket with our billing department, and get 50% off your next bill. You must provide proof that you had a VPS with another provider such as an invoice.

    All VPS's include:

    * vePortal VPS Panel
    * 99.9% Uptime SLA
    * OpenVZ Virtualization Platform
    * Rapid Activation!
    * Choice of OS including most Linux Distributions
    * Control Panel: cPanel (Add $ 14.00/m)

    Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime
    Upgrade/Downgrade anytime day or night.
    Simply log into our billing system choose the upgrade/downgrade you wish and if you upgrade simply pay the invoice and your package will be upgraded. Downgrade a package and your account will be credited.

    Our Awsome cheap package:


    Dedicated RAM: 1024 MB (1GB)
    Max CPU: 1.99 Ghz / 1 Core
    Disk Space: 40 GB HDD
    Bandwidth: 2000 GB (2TB)
    Public Network: 100Mbit/s
    Full Root Access

    Setup Time: 0/24 Hour
    Setup Fee: FREE
    Price/month: $8.95 - Order!


    Dedicated RAM: 2048 MB (2GB)
    Max CPU: 2.99 Ghz / 2 Cores
    Disk Space: 90 GB HDD
    Bandwidth: 3000 GB (3TB)
    Public Network: 100Mbit/s
    Full Root Access

    Setup Time: 0/24 Hour
    Setup Fee: FREE
    Price/month: $14.95 - Order!


    Dedicated RAM: 4096 MB (4GB)
    Max CPU: 3.99 Ghz / 2 Cores
    Disk Space: 140 GB HDD
    Bandwidth: 4000 GB (4TB)
    Public Network: 100Mbit/s
    Full Root Access

    Setup Time: 0/24 Hour
    Setup Fee: FREE
    Price/month: $24.95 - Order!

    Control Panels:
    Cpanel/WHM: 14$

    Operating System:
    Centos 5.x
    Debian 5
    Ubuntu 9.10/8.04
    Fedora 12

    Have Questions?
    Submit a sales request at our helpdesk

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    no european datacenter?
    Have a test IP?

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    * As promised

    I first read this offer on lowendbox and since i needed another box that I'd give them a try as their activation was supposed to be quick.

    After two days(I wasn't alone), the vps still wasn't active. Yes the payment was paid, ticket showing oder completed was on the portal. So I posted about the issue...

    Quote Originally Posted by from lowendbox
    For those who ordered our LowEndBox offer and still waiting for provisioning, next VPS batch should be provisioned by the morning. We are sorry about the delay, but we received an huge amount of orders (lot more than expected) on the first 24 hour.
    March 21, 2011 @ 3:01 am | Reply

    Not to pinch pennies… well yeah I will, every penny counts.
    I understand issues with having alot of orders, but the clock is ticking. Thats less time I can abuse bandwidth(lol j/k). But you get my point don’t you? WHMCS’s clock is ticking, we paid on time and provisioning for OpenVZ doesn’t take that long(whmcs should be handling that anyway).
    So far I’m 2 days shorted and you’re heading home with a two day backlog of orders?
    I’ll take my refund thx.
    March 22, 2011 @ 2:38 am | Reply

    Hey no problem just drop a ticket to get your refund, someone else will be glad to take that incredible offers as we are currently running low on stock.
    We just completed another huge batch of VPS, servers ordered today after 19H est should be online by the morning (est)
    Thank you!
    March 22, 2011 @ 8:45 am | Reply

    Ticket submitted… lets see how long this one takes
    March 22, 2011 @ 7:42 pm

    So I submit a ticket as advised only to receive this response:
    “Please read our terms of service and submit cancellation/refund request properly has the VPS has already being setup within the 48 hours stated on our FAQ.”
    Apparently you need the $7 badly.
    March 23, 2011 @ 2:14 pm

    Simply request your refund with proper reason has stated on our terms of service via email/ticket system and a refund will be provisioned. Thanks!
    March 23, 2011 @ 2:50 pm

    That was done, along with a note “as you directed”
    Now you have modified your terms page and issued an invoice for a $175 administrative fee for disputing with paypal. And to think I was going to just let the $7 go. Not anymore. At least you could have had the motivation to put a logo on your invoice.
    What a dirtbag way to keep $7. never even logged into the thing. Like I said before… keep the $7, good luck trying to collect the newly made up fee.
    March 24, 2011 @ 4:32 am
    Yes, I submitted tickets as directed. And yet over this time, they still played a back and forth game as if there were two different people. So yes, I popped a PayPal complaint to get their attention. They actually sent an invoice(I'll put it up in the morning) for $175, even though its just sitting there. It would have been a simple resolution, but they've taken the low road.

    Anyway... it's worth $7 to me to make sure others know what kind of person they are dealing with. I normally don't worry about ordering a vps when payment goes through a personal paypal account(Michaël Vincent,[email protected]), but in this case it should have thrown up red flags along with the new domain,etc. Kind of worries me when they do all of their dealings during the middle of the night. whats going to happen when that machine needs attention.

    oh well, you've all been warned.

    I almost forgot to mention the TOS changes. It changes at will! I've seen it change. I guess its understandable as rough edges of a new business get smoothed out, but don't hold accountable those that accepted previous to the change. We have rights against that sorta thing here in the states.
    Last edited by TonyUFN; 03-24-2011 at 12:52 AM.

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    Ok, so instead to ask for refund in proper way like you agreed when you signed the terms of service, you opened a paypal dispute? I'll suggest you to READ carefully terms of service when you signup with any isp, phone, tv, commercial providers. The manager who handled your account did the right thing according once again to our terms of service to create another invoices for handling your paypal dispute, that amount are usually sent to an authorized collection agency.

    TOS wasn't updated since the launch but FAQ has been updated to avoid client who have privilege to do there own agreement and completely avoid to read the terms of service to make such action.

    Please don't try to turn this into your advantage when you spread the word about us

    7$ are quite low amount to make such mistake, has you can see on the LowEndBox thread you are refereed another client asked for refund in proper way and got it almost instantly

    Also state in your reviews that in good faith, we have refunded and cancelled the chargeback fee from your account and please don't use personal investor name in a public forums. (reported)

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    Quote Originally Posted by darwin7 View Post
    no european datacenter?
    Have a test IP?
    No sorry we do not have any servers located in europe, you can test this IP:

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPad View Post
    ... and please don't use personal investor name in a public forums. (reported)
    It's at the top of your PayPal checkout page, it's not like I'm telling anyone anything they wouldn't see for themselves.

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    Its not a matter of privacy, its because the email is listed in a public forum, in google and now in most spam list getting spammed.

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    Well I am very upset at veVPS/iPad. So I had a vps with them for about a month. Everything was fine until all of the sudden my VPS is shutdown. I couldn't login to the vePortal control pannel to start it up again becuase it says that an admin has deactiveated my account. Then I send them a support ticket asking about this. No reply. Four days later, I go to thier site to submit another support ticket and there domain ( to a company called VolumeDrive's contact page. At first I thought that maybe Volumedrive bought up veVPS or something like that.
    I then Email Volumedrive asking about my VPS from veVPS. No reply.

    I then started looking for another VPS provider and I start a topic here- Someone suggested volumedrive and I then I replied telling my experience with veVPS/VolumeDrive. I then get a reply from VolumeDrive saying this.

    "We have no affiliation with"
    (see this on page 3 of my topic)

    So veVPS was a scam it seems, and to top it off they try and blame it on another company... that is just wrong.
    iPad, if you are the owner of veVPS, you have some explaining to do.

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