Create-a-Cloud TM – select the quantity of CPU, RAM, Disk you need and deploy a cloud hosting service within minutes. Now with a 75% discount the first month for WHT members. Use coupon code VM1103751M

eApps Hosting offers high value hosting services, including public clouds, private clouds, dedicated servers, custom hosting configurations, and enterprise mail services. Our innovative Create-a-Cloud TM tool allows customers to rapidly configure and deploy a Virtual Machine in a “true cloud” environment. Pay for only what you need!

Hosting Plans Information

eApps now offers Xen 64 bit Virtual Machines in the Cloud, with full user control.

Create-a-Cloud TM
tool lets you choose the memory, disk, CPU and other resources. The Virtual Machine will be provisioned immediately in a high performance, self healing cloud. Prices start at < $12 per month for small virtual machines and can be immediately scaled for growth.

To make it even easier we offer also 5 Resource Bundles that can be increased or decreased as needed:

VM Bundle 256 ( Price $12.76, Disk Space 8 GB, Transfer 50 GB, Platform UNIX/Linux)
VM Bundle 512 ( Price $24.12, Disk Space 15 GB, Transfer 100 GB, Platform UNIX/Linux)
VM Bundle 1024 ( Price $41.74, Disk Space 25 GB, Transfer 150 GB, Platform UNIX/Linux)
VM Bundle 2048 ( Price $82.48, Disk Space 50 GB, Transfer 300 GB, Platform UNIX/Linux)
VM Bundle 4096 ( Price $173.96, Disk Space 100 GB, Transfer 600 GB, Platform UNIX/Linux)

A full library of supported application services is available, including the latest versions of PHP, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat , GlassFish , JBoss , MySQL, and PostgreSQL, media servers and more. All services include 24/7 in-house technical support by phone, email, and chat at no extra charge.

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