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Thread: WTB IPB License

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    WTB IPB License

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to purchase an Invision Power Board license. If it includes IP Content and/or IP Gallery then even better!

    PM me if your selling one.


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    PM Sent, let me know if you are still interested.

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    I am thinking about selling mine which happens to be a perpetual lifetime license and I have IP Downloads and IP Nexus mods which are paid licenses.

    I am thinking of completing the script which will have everything including paid support for 1 year

    The perpetual license never expires, every version of IPB that they create you will be able to download free of charge.

    I am taking reasonable offers. I like the software I am just tired of it. I prefer VBulletin but I maybe inclined to sell that one as well - Yes I have licenses for both which can easily be verified

    Anyone interested may feel free to make offers. You will be given the information to verify my license that is not a problem.

    I do not accept paypal payments, I accept payments using Chase Bank as my payment processor, you may pay using a US postal money order or Western Union these will be the only payment methods in which I will accept if you decide to buy my item

    I may even be inclined to rent my domain which contains the licenses - make your call

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