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    how to split big file using ssh

    how to split big file using ssh and agian join it using ssh

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    split, cat f1 f2

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    split, cat f1 f2
    can you give me one example i dnt understood

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    Quote Originally Posted by onel0ve View Post
    can you give me one example i dnt understood
    do it with a file

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    for example, you can split a file originalfile.txt,
    commnd: split -b 10 originalfile.txt newfile
    this will result you files newfileaa newfileab newfileac each with 10 can split using linecount also.
    split -l 100 originalfile.txt new will result you files with linecount 100 each.
    cat new* >> originalfile.txt will merge all files back.

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    i already got one from this site

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    I use Hjsplit to split my files because it’s FREE and only 130 KB with a simple interface.
    Split your file into parts with SSH tool.
    Connect to your host.
    Go to the directory where you uploaded the file parts:
    >cd public_html/dir_name
    > dir

    Now use the cat command to merge the split parts.

    > cat file_name* > newfile_name
    Now list the files again with dir command and you will see the new file.

    And delete the little parts if you want.

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    just use lxsplit
    to split file(s) : lxsplit -s filename size
    to merger file(s) : lxsplit -j filename
    - do it your self.

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    just ftp or rsync no need to split it, make sure you do this via screen so you can let it run in the background

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    install rar and divide the file to many archives

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