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    Setting up a streaming server. How ?

    Hello !

    I have an old server (I began renting it in 2006) working with a Gentoo streaming distribution and Flash Media Server 2. I never upgraded this server because if I did so it would have stopped working and I wouldn't have been able to fix the problems. In fact, it has a special/custom setup designed for streaming only (no mysql database, no http, only rtmp).

    So I've decided to rent a new server, with a normal distribution (CEntos 5.5) and without any administration panel (like CPAnel/WHM, etc.) because it's not a very powerful server and I want it to stream videos only (no mails, no website, etc.).

    Can you advise me about the steps for setting up the streaming server ?

    Centos 5.5 is installed...

    So I believe, I now only need to :
    1- secure the server (installiing software like Shorewall, Fail2Ban, etc. , changing SSH port, etc.).
    2- install and setup Red5.

    I've never done this before. So, are these the correct steps ?

    Do you know about tutorials which would help me doing this ?

    Thank you !

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    Thank you !

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