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    [EU] 100TB servers in EvoSwitch, NL from 169 p/m. X3440 16gb 4x1TB HDD ORDER NOW!


    This week we have a new batch of HP Proliant servers with X3440 cpus and 16gb RAM. The servers are located in Netherlands in EvoSwitch DC in Netherlands and are utilising the Leaseweb network.

    We can deploy all the servers within a few hours from the time of payment.

    HP Proliant DL120G6
    Intel X3440 HT
    16GB RAM
    4x1000GB HDD
    100TB traffic on 1Gbit port
    Monthly 199 Euro
    Order NOW
    Location: EvoSwitch, Haarlem, Netherlands

    All servers include:
    - monthly contracts
    - no setup fees

    cPanel monthly - 29 Euro
    R1Soft agent - 10 Euro

    All servers, unless custom installations are needed, are in stock and can be online within a few hours from the time of payment.
    No setup fees on all the servers.
    Contract is month-to-month with 15 days notice
    All servers include 2 IPs each additional IP costs 1 Euro per month. The max number of IPs is 16.
    All servers are on 1000mbit ports.

    Available operating systems:
    CentOS 5.5 32/64bit
    Debian Lenny 32/64bit
    Ubuntu 9.04/9.10/10.04 32/64bit
    FeeBSD 7.3/8.1 32/64bit
    VMware ESXi 4.1 64bit
    Windows 2008WEB 12 Euro
    Windows 2008STD 21 Euro
    Windows 2008WEB R2 (64bit) 12 Euro
    Windows 2008STD R2 (64bit) 21 Euro

    Acceptable payment methods: Paypal, Credit cards, Webmoney. In some cases bank wire transfers.

    Prices do not include VAT. It will not be added if you live outside of the EU or have a valid EU VAT number.

    If you need any more info then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our webpage is

    Best regards.
    Dino Strzeminski

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    Dedicated Servers - 100TB-4Core4T
    - Processor: Intel X3440
    - RAM: 16 GB RAM
    - Hard Disks: 4x1000 GB
    - Operating System: CentOS 5.5 32bit
    - Additional IPs: 2 IPs (included)
    - Control Panels: not included
    - R1soft backups: not included

    €199.00 EUR
    Subtotal: €199.00 EUR
    Total Due Today:
    €199.00 EUR

    199 euros or 169 euros?

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    I believe 169 is in 1 year payment plan.
    I'm using services from:,,,

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