Major Linux Distribution Refresh

GigaTux has just completed a major refresh of all Linux distributions it offers for automatic reinstall on its Xen VPS platform. Not only has GigaTux updated most distributions to the latest versions available, but they have also added two fully new distributions.

New Distributions

The distributions that have been fully added to work with the GigaTux control panel, under a paravirtualised kernel, are:

Updated Distributions

The distributions that have been refreshed and tested in this release are:

  • Fedora Core 14
  • Gentoo (snapshot from 2001-03-03)
  • Mandriva 2010.2
  • OpenSuSE 11.4
  • Ubuntu 10.10
  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • The entire Turnkey Linux 11.1 suite, including new appliances for Magento, OpenBravo, Prestashop and VTiger. This is available for all DTC users at our Debian repository.

GigaTux has not yet packaged its non-Turnkey Linux distributions to go in its DTC Xen image repository, but users of the DTC control panel are welcome to contact [email protected] to request a copy of any distribution.

All of the above distributions are available for a one-click install on any VPS, which will configure a base system and set up networking and passwords automatically.

Who are GigaTux?

GigaTux is a VPS hosting company, launched in February 2007. GigaTux presently has high powered servers situated in London (UK), San Jose (California) and Frankfurt (Germany). These locations offers very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection.

GigaTux believes in offering clients an honestly priced service, with no compromises on important aspects that matter - reliable storage, quality bandwidth and excellent customer service.

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