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    Internal links SEO - full url or file name?

    I currently have my web pages linked using the file names.

    1. e.g. : <a href="portrait_photography.html">

    But I could also link to them using their url

    2. e.g. : <a href="">

    I read that matching keywords in url and anchor text of internal links are good.

    Now, if I have my internal links using the file name (.html), would I lose an SEO advantage?

    Should I change all internal links to their url?


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    You will not lose any SEO advantage due to .html extension. Search engines count .html extension as new web page.

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    It works out the same in the end. The bots count them as the same file, since many times it shows the same way in the links. Once quick way to check is look and see how it looks when you mouse over it on your live site. That is what your visitors see. When doing that get in your anchor text when you can, that is where you will the change in the way the search engine looks at it. It then becomes a vote for your keyword instead of just a link to your information.

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    You loose nothing by writing .html for your new pages.Search engines are smart enough to crawl and rank these types of pages.

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    retype your html code then i sure that your code will be accepted.

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    Here's an article about the absolute preference of absolute paths, seo-wise.

    What do you guys think?

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