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    Windows VPS Request

    I'm from Auz, have been looking at VPS plans for about a month. australia is just too expensive when it comes to VPS or dedicated, so i'm looking to the US.
    Have a linux/cpanel reseller account that has about 50 domains on it the US already and some small space (10 domains) in Oz.
    Long term plans is to merge them into one VPS account. I have a few question, that the experts can answer if that ok?
    1. I'm comfortable with cpanel/whm on linux, but have no experience with root control over the OS. I'm a windows admin by day, so, linux or windows, managed or unmanaged?
    I'm either leaning towards linux managed, or windows partly managed.

    2. with 50+ domains, sites are not huge traffic sites, what would be my minimums on specs for linux and windows?
    With windows from experience, 4gb is the min with dual cores?

    3. I'm using WHMCS for billing, so would need to look at windows based system if going with windows.

    4. expandability, to move forward with maybe 100 domains in the next 12-18 months (not really a questions but it may impact in what i'll need?)

    Oh, and any recommendations on companies would be great.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this.


  2. #2 is one of the best in my op. for windows vps's

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