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    Little help on networking

    So I got myself cheap VPS for learning purpose.
    With registration I got e-mail stating a 'Main IP' and ssh login info. And I'm unable to login to that ip using ssh command.

    So I went to something called 'VPS Control Panel' where I could do restart etc. There I found a link 'access your virtual server with serial console applet'. I promptly used that configuration to ssh into server in which I succeeded.

    Next I did ifconfig on server and I got only lo .
    The venet0 was down. Which I put up. It didn't have any address so gave it
    the 'Main IP' address provided in my mail.

    But still I can't ssh using the 'Main Ip' or ping anywhere from inside of my VPS. After searching people having something like 'venet0:1' etc making me wonder if I have to create a device on vnet0.

    I think I am missing something simple over here. Any ideas ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skada View Post
    Next I did ifconfig on server and I got only lo .
    At that point you should open a ticket with the provider as the VPS isn't configured properly.

    Regardless whether it's a managed or unmanaged service they have the responsibility of making it right -- so that the VPS is accessible by the assigned IP address.

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    I agree with sleddog.. Looks like the IP was not assigned correctly..

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    which client are you using putty?

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    Get in touch with your host, perhaps they need to allow your IP through the firewall, or maybe they dropped the ball on provisioning the VM and need to correct something within the VM itself.

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    yup, contacted them ... there was some issue.. got it corrected!
    Thanks for the replies

    @AlexxLL - I was using standard linux ssh

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