I am a dedicated hard working CSR with great soft skills. I have worked in many positions in my life,
in many different atmospheres. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to software, and what I don't know
I will learn.

Good understanding of Cpanel, Whmcs, billing, accounting, understand and program php, and can handle
a project from start to finish. Also fluent in opensource technologies from drupal to kloxo.

I do not have any experience with setting up virtual enviroments but want to learn.

I currently own a webhosting company that is very small, and would be willing to sell it
for a chance to work for a larger company in the webhosting industry.

Customer Service Representative
Meritain Health
Minneapolis MN
(July 2007 - Present)

Digital Knights Entertainment ( Karaoke / DJ )
Owner / Host
(September 2006 - August 2010)

Had some college that never finished. Computer programing and web design fields.

Multiple jobs in multiple fields that really didn't suite me.

What I am looking for:

Fulltime - Needed

32k - 35k a year
Education Reimbursment(as applies to the job)
Remote Position ( webcam / microphone / phone )

Jonothon Wright
[email protected]