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    * Instant BNC - Get your Pro. IRC BNC Today - Instant Activation

    INSTANT BNC - Get your BNC Today - Instant Activation :: No waiting time :: Support Included


    What's BNC?

    A Bouncer is basically a proxy server that handles the IRC connection for you. Instead of talking directly to the IRC server, you talk to the Bouncer instead, which relays everything in realtime to the IRC server.

    Why should I get one?

    You're using an IRC client, but then your desktop crashes, or you have a power failure, and then of course the IRC client crashes too. Some time later you log into your desktop again, fire up the IRC program, but damn, you've lost a part of an important conversation.

    What about provider?

    With us, besides our IRC Bouncer services for any type of client, be it a juridical or a physical person, we offer our friendship, our care and our 24/7 customer support.

    - You can be connected 24/7 to the Internet, without actually having your computer running.

    - When you lose your connection to the Bouncer, you can simply log in again, and the Bouncer will even replay a log of all lost information to you, fully automatically.

    - On networks that don't offer an IRC Cloak service which hides your real IP address, the Bouncer can use a virtual host that hides your address. This increases security.

    - The Bouncer will automatically log you into all channels that you frequent, without having to join them explicitly again. This is handy if you sometimes use different IRC clients.

    Price: 0.50 EUR / user (monthly)
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