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    Managed Shared Servies?

    Recently I find myself selling hosting packages to businesses and other hosting clients who would prefer to have managed hosting when I ask if they'd like managed services vs regular shared packages. Has anyone else had any luck with boomers or other clients? Is this an untapped niche market? - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    managed shared hosting , Well perhaps you could come up with some package some extra help

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    Yes, it is an untapped niche market and as far as I know, client do not go for managed shared service.

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    I know of companies that do this. One being below:
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    We sell managed shared services to quite a few clients. They do not want to do anything. We do it all for them. Add email accounts change passwords etc. We do it all. I would say it is a niche market if you can find the business. It has worked for us with quite a few clients.

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    Most business wanting a managed shared service will get it through the people that are doing their local IT support and bundle it all together, who typically just buy a reseller account somewhere.

    I wouldn't say it's an untapped market, I just think it's usually done more local - therefore not really advertised to much online.
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