is now offering metered bandwidth VPS packages. By far, metered bandwidth offerings have been the most requested item from our customers. You asked, we listened! For orders made on or before March 24, 2011, we are offering our base plan with a 100mbps port and 1,000gb / mo bandwidth. After that, the same prices apply, but with a 50mbps port and 500gb / mo bandwidth.

Make sure to look over all the upgrade options carefully, as some prices may have shifted during this new offer's takeoff and landing.

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Why Choose I/O Flood?

  • I/O Flood is run by real systems administrators. We love servers, and we love bandwidth. As such, our servers are intended for serious, high usage customers. Let our experts help you pick the best package for you and optimize your server for maximum performance.

  • Managed service available. We all get stumped and need some help from time to time. Our managed services are simple: ask us for help, we'll help you. The catch? We're sysadmins, not programmers, so we won't reprogram your buggy php scripts for you. We will optimize your server for you or other wise "fix stuff", or migrate your sites, or "whatever". Just ask. We don't bite.

  • What if you don't like our service? Then we don't expect you to pay us. We'll give you a refund, and you can find a new hosting provider, no hard feelings.

  • No resellers, no middlemen, no nonsense. We own all of our own hardware and run our own network, so you have one point of contact for any questions or concerns.

  • Have you ever been confused about what cpu is best, or whether you should go with software or hardware raid, or really what is the big deal with SSDs? Ask us! We love figuring out the best hardware, software, and system configuration to most efficiently and effectively host a given website.

What are customers like you saying about I/O FLOOD?

Our feedback speaks for itself:

A big +1 for I moved from dedicated to a custom VPS plan, and the performance of my sites actually increased. Gabe advertises semi-managed, but he is relentless in customer service & hand holding if needed. My initial email contact with him spanned over 80 messages back & forth. On top of it all, I don't think the guy sleeps. Email/ticket responses are fast no matter what time of the day. Hope this helps.

At first when i received the vps with access to 1 core only i was afraid that it won't be enough for the site that i run. I have experience with previous xen vps with 4 and 8 cores. But to my surprise this vps handles everything i throw at it, im running apache, with php, teamspeak and iodine. At peak times it handles 350+ httpd processes, 80+ php fcgid processes, and all this below 2.0 load.
This is the best uptime that i've had this far, with a big list of providers that i have tried before. The vps had to be rebooted due to the change of bandwidth allowed, but i had 30 days with uptime.
I hope that this will not be only a 1 month experience but a long term experience, i will definitely continue with this host. If you compare their price with the XEN competitors, you will find it very competitive, and i was afraid at the beginning to go with them because of the few reviews, but i am really glad i did.
Normally i put a rating from 1 to 10, but i will give this guys an overall 10.

I was extremely pleased at the VPS setup time. Gabe assured me that he would be able to get everything migrated, tweaked, and optimized before the next monthly billing cycle at 100TB. Even though he only had a couple of days to work through all of the issues, he was true to his word making the transition from 100TB to ioflood seamless.
To me it seems like I made an ‘upgrade’ from dedicated to a VPS . Performance is definitely much better since I made the change.
Support is where ioflood really shines. I’ve initiated three or four tickets. Every ticket was answered and resolved within minutes. I had one ticket because of a fatal error of memory size on wordpress sites. Gabe offered to fix it himself or guide me through the process. I elected to do it myself based on his troubleshooting of the issue. His instructions were great, and the problem was quickly solved. It is such a relief to have capable professionals taking care of my sites.
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Specs / Prices:


1GB Dedicated Ram
50GB Raid 10 hard disk space
1,000gb / mo outbound on 100mbps port (inbound unmetered)
Burstable to 1 full cpu core. (1/4 core dedicated)

Only $19.99 / mo.

To configure your custom VPS click

1 IP address included, $2 each additional, maximum of 4 ips per VPS

Upgrades available:

  • 2GB -- $9.99 / mo
  • 4GB -- $19.99 / mo

  • 2,000gb / mo outbound (unmetered inbound), 100mbps port -- $9.99 / mo
  • 5,000gb / mo outbound (unmetered inbound), 100mbps port -- $29.99 / mo
  • 10,000gb / mo outbound (unmetered inbound), 200mbps port -- $59.99 / mo

Disk Space:

  • 100gb raid 10 disk space -- $4.99 / mo
  • 200gb raid 10 disk space -- $14.99 / mo
  • 400gb raid 10 disk space -- $29.99 / mo

CPU / Processor

  • 1 Dedicated CPU core, 2 CPU cores burstable -- $14.99 / mo

Managed Services

  • Server Management -- $24.99 / mo

Control Panel

  • Kloxo -- Free (32 bit os only)
  • Cpanel -- $14.99 / mo


  • R1Soft License + 100Gb backup space -- $19.99 / mo
  • R1Soft License + 200Gb backup space -- $29.99 / mo
  • R1Soft License + 300Gb backup space -- $39.99 / mo

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Servers are located in the state of the art PhoenixNap facility in Phoenix, AZ.

To order simply visit

Or contact me directly:

Gabriel Ramuglia
email: gabe [at]
skype: funkywizard
phone: 702-482-8064


We often have other Dedicated Servers, VPS's, and Colocation options available: See our previous sales threads (search for IOFLOOD). If you need anything custom, we'd be happy to give you a custom quote.