Hi, I am Greg.

I am in need of a job and am looking to work online and put a lot of my free time into a business and start making some money.

I am looking to work with another person and build a business from the ground up. I have been in the industry for roughly about 3 in a half years. I am now 18.

I know some programming languages such as, php, html, css and java script. I know all about cpanel and whm. I know how to use whmcs in and out. I even know how to do whmcs integration.

I have aim my aim is dremixedg i am online 24/7 but sometimes during the days im not around. my personal email is [email protected]

I recently worked for a company and left because i didn't like the environment and relation ship i had between them.

I can work and bring in sales from local stores around my area from friends and family members. I know some linux managing skills.

For more information or any questions please shoot me a im or a email. Thanks for your time for reviewing this thread have a great day!

I am looking for someone that can put money into the company with me and split every thing at the end of the month.