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    PHP GZIP Decoding?

    Hello all, I have been told that I need to add 'Accept-Encoding: compress, gzip' to the header when I retrieve an xml feed. I ended up using...

    $cmd='curl -H \"Accept-Encoding: compress, gzip\"';
    This prints the array with the encoded gzip text but I can't seem to decode it, how do I go about that or what is the proper way to do this?


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    Presumably you have been told to do this to reduce bandwidth usage, and increase the speed of your download?

    Try playing with the CURLOPT_ENCODING option: this will make cURL decompress the content automatically:

    Sets the contents of the Accept-Encoding: header sent in an HTTP request, and enables decoding of a response when a Content-Encoding: header is received. Three encodings are supported: identity, which does nothing, deflate which requests the server to compress its response using the zlib algorithm, and gzip which requests the gzip algorithm. If a zero-length string is set, then an Accept-Encoding: header containing all supported encodings is sent.

    This is a request, not an order; the server may or may not do it. This option must be set (to any non-NULL value) or else any unsolicited encoding done by the server is ignored. See the special file lib/README.encoding for details.
    Incidentally, unless there is a compelling reason not to do so, I would use php's curl functions rather than shelling out and running the cURL binary.



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