Hello WHT!

You asked for cheap, unmanaged and powerful and we delivered! If you know what you're doing there is absolutely no need to pay for support you won't use - your money goes towards powerful, fast and reliable dual quad core Intel Xeon servers with RAID10 and a top notch UK network. In this line of VPSs, we will only support hardware/network issues - everything else is up to you, after all, it's your server!

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256MB RAM (512MB Burstable)
10GB Disk
100GB Bandwidth
6.75 2.70 per month!

512MB RAM (1024MB Burstable)
25GB Disk
250GB Bandwidth
11.60 4.64 per month!

768 MB RAM (1.5GB Burstable)
35GB Disk
350GB Bandwidth
17.20 6.88 per month!

1GB RAM (2GB Burstable)
50GB Disk
500GB Bandwidth
22.00 8.80 per month!

2GB RAM (4GB Burstable)
100GB Disk
1000GB Bandwidth
39.20 15.68 per month!

Note there is no VAT to pay!

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