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    Data Synconization


    I have two DB servers (MSQ SQL Server 2008) both are different locations, i need to synconize both databases data synchronization on real time means a bit change at 1st db server it will update at 2nd db server if a bit change at 2nd db server it will update at 1st db server.

    Is there any simple and effective way by which i can do this please guide i have no idea about it, i would be very great full if someone send me link with snap shoots.


    Tahir Atique

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    Which edition of MSSQL are you running?
    Web and above should provide Replication service and Load Ballancing services, these services are designed to cluster multiple servers together, even across the internet.

    Replication service works best when the 2 machines are in the same domain but does not require this

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    we have SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition at both machines, i will be very thankful if you send a link with snapshots.

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    have a look at these links, they should be able to assist you with how to enable and set up Replication:

    Or a quick google for MSSQL 2008 Replication tutorial will bring up a lot of results too, tho the first link from MSDN should suffice

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