// We don't just talk. We do. //

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We're about you. The reason for our existence is simple. It's you. To put it simply, we're here to make having a reseller account a trouble free experience. If you like the idea of amazing web hosting and being able to talk to someone any time, any day, then you'll probably like us. We know plenty of people that do.

Any savings we make, you make. We're basically a straight forward host. We don't have hundreds of complicated options or thousands of expensive addons. We don't have unnecessary departments full of staff so we can play ping pong with your emails all day. What does this mean for you? It means we having lower operating costs - and we pass this on to you through our affordable plans. And we mean it when we say affordable.

We don't just talk. We do. One thing you'll notice about us, is that it's what we do, rather than what we say, that makes us different. So here's a few things you know you'll get with CatsNine;

* Competitive prices with no hidden fees or charges
* We've made getting an account as easy as possible. Our sign up form will have you hosted in under 5 minutes
* We won't hide things - everything you need to know about limits and restrictions is available on our website
* We treat our clients like real people (after all, you're part of the family)
* You'll always speak to a real person, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

What makes us so special? We make hosting multiple sites that much easier. With a CatsNine web hosting plan, you've got access to that incredible cloud hosting platform we're renowned for. Included in all of our plans is free billing software, to help you manage you and your clients with ease. We're truly white label, no one will ever know you're a reseller (except you). You can install hundreds of scripts with a click of the mouse with our popular script auto-installer, Softaculous. Best of all, we'll be here when you need us, keeping your site up and running like no one else can.

Got questions? Email [email protected]

// Why us? //

With so many web hosts in today's market, how do you know CatsNine is the best choice for you? Let's run through a few of our features and benefits that other hosts simply can't match at our price...

Free Billing Software
All of our plans include a free license to the popular billing software product, HostBill. Looking for a simple & stable tool for managing your online business? HostBill is built to do so—from client sign up, through domain registration, account management, recurring billing and support to termination—it will help you do it fast.

Plans cat3R and up also include the WHMCS billing software. Easily today's most popular web hosting billing software, WHMCS makes managing your business a breeze. Supporting several payment processors and instant activation for your clients, to help automate your business you need WHMCS, and CatsNine provides this for you. We also install it for FREE!

Clustered Failover DNS
CatsNine spreads DNS over multiple servers all in seperate physical locations to create our Clustered Failover DNS environment. Instead of relying on our local server for DNS, our DNS servers are ONLY for serving DNS. For example, if NS1 fails, then NS2 (on a different server) will provide the nameserver information for your account ensuring your website is available.

Clustered DNS is especially important in disaster recovery. We can instantly update your DNS to point to a replacement server, eliminating the usual 24 hour propagation time. This means in the rare likelihood that something does go wrong, we can have you back online quickly and with minimal fuss.

We use a cloud based hosting environment
Our new cloud hosting platform improves over traditional hosting setups in every way. Instead of your websites being limited to a single server in traditional hosting, they now have access to multiple servers, allowing unparalleled management of resource demand. Your website see a sudden spike in traffic? No problem, our servers will respond to demand providing the resources it needs. Hardware failure? Nothing to have kittens about, our platform is built with high availability in mind, our platform simply cuts off the failed server and replaces it with a working one. These are just some of the benefits of our hosting platform. Experience them all today, by signing up for one of our value packed plans!

Free SSL Certificates
Not only do our plans include at least one free SSL certificate, we can provide you with additional certificates at a discount price! Resellers can purchase additional SSL certificates from as low as $5.99/year each.

We're kind of old
How often do you hear someone admitting they're old? CatsNine is part of a company that has been in business since 2001. We've got the experience to get your website up and running, and keep it that way. 8 years and counting, we must be doing something right.

We like cats
Yes, it's true. We like our feline friends. How much do you know about your current host? We also like long walks on the beach, fine dining and expensive gifts. If you ever feel the need to send us one, please do!

There's heaps more included in our plans that we haven't even mentioned. Find out everything that makes us purrfect, by joining the family - we'd love to have you. The prices below are before any discounts.



» 10,000MB RAID-10 Protected Disk Space
» 130,000MB Premium Transfer per month
» 99.9% minimum uptime, guaranteed
» 24x7 Technical Support

Only $9.99 per month



» 20,000MB RAID-10 Protected Disk Space
» 260,000MB Premium Transfer per month
» 99.9% minimum uptime, guaranteed
» 24x7 Technical Support

Only $14.99 per month



» 25,000MB RAID-10 Protected Disk Space
» 325,000MB Premium Transfer per month
» 99.9% minimum uptime, guaranteed
» 24x7 Technical Support

Only $19.99 per month



» 30,000MB RAID-10 Protected Disk Space
» 400,000MB Premium Transfer per month
» 99.9% minimum uptime, guaranteed
» 24x7 Technical Support

Only $23.99 per month


Switching to CatsNine has never been easier
Coming from another cPanel provider? We will transfer all of your accounts for FREE! Keeping all your files, databases,
FTP accounts, mail accounts and settings intact.

Please read our Terms of Service before ordering

Got more questions? Email [email protected]
Or visit us, http://www.catsnine.com.