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    Thumbs up Special Offer for VPN/Proxy service provider in USA/Europe/Offshore


    We are offering fully managed VPN and Proxy specials. If are you are running VPN services or proxy services then these are the plans for you. We are offering Europe and USA IP's.
    We will install the Openvpn or squid on your VPS and provide you IP's at DISCOUNTED PRICE. Plus we will manage your daily backup for free of cost. No hidden cost of any kind.
    If you are vpn/squid proxy provider then contact us as prices mentioned on our site after before discount for VPN and Squid provider.

    VPN PROXY Special Linux Based on Openvz.
    VOXY16:: IP's 16 / 40gb disk / 1024mb ram / 1000gb transfer / Managed Backups
    VOXY32 :IP's 32 /40gb disk / 1024mb ram / 1500gb transfer / Backups
    VOXY64 :IP's 64 / 60gb disk / 1024mb ram / 2000gb transfer / Backups
    VOXY128 :IP's 128 / 60gb disk / 20484mb ram / 2500gb transfer / Backups
    VOXY254 :IP's 254 60gb disk / 2048mb ram / 3000gb transfer / Backups

    Plan details can be found here
    Above plans are linux based. You can upgrade your plans from metered bandwidth to unmetered port. Bulk IP's available at 50cents for location EUROPE or USA.
    If you are looking for windows plan or xen plan then please email us at info at turbovps dot com

    For more details and order please visit

    We can design and develop any custom solution based on OPENVPN/PPTP/L2PT/SQUID/RADIUS/WHMCS automation. So if you are planning to start OpenVPN services then please contact us at info @turbovps dot com

    These plans are perfect for running offshore or onshore proxy/vpn services based in USA and Europe. In Europe Estonia is available right now.

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    I am interested in you V1 plan and would like to know the following;

    1)What city and state are the actually machines in?

    2)How much is each addition proxies?(I give away a free 1 years hosting and a free website to build a list and would need about 50IP to do this effectively)

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