Please see for our specials.

At this point we are offering only premium bandwidth and premium space, raised floor, N+1 to 2N redundancy, 10 Gb/s ports and so on.

Remote hands up to 15 minutes during business hours included.

Actually, if you'll get in touch with us via live chat or phone or email, you may get even lower prices that we have on our "specials" page.

1AMP (110V)
3* Mb/s (100 Mb/s ports) Premium bandwidth !
$100 per month, no setup fee.

42U cabinet
20AMP (110V) per each cabinet
10* Mb/s (100 Mb/s ports)(you'll get 2 drops per each cabinet) Premium bandwidth!
$750 per month, no setup fee

14 cabinets - see our special at

2U, 3U, 4U, 1/4 cabinets, 1/2 cabinets - you are all welcome at our data center!

Please get in touch with via live chat, or 1-800-57TULIX or [email protected]