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    QuadraNet Hiring - Chinese Sales representatives - salary + commissions

    Email: [email protected] is a large web hosting company with an approximate footprint of 60,000 square feet (6,000m2) of datacenter space in downtown Los Angeles, CA.
    We are the largest dedicated server provider and colocation provider in the Los Angeles area with thousands of servers in our datacenters. We serve a broad range of international customers both corporate and individuals, and are growing very quickly.

    One of our targeted markets is Asia, with a focus on China and Taiwan. Interest from China and Taiwan has grown a lot in the past 2 years and we plan to delve even deeper into the market.
    We have already established segmented portions of our internet network as "Asia Optimized" where we perform On-Demand optimizations for network routes to and from our datacenters in LA to provide lower latency, faster download speeds, and an overall better experience to Chinese users.

    We are looking for at least 1 new sales team member who will be in charge of developing our Chinese presence even further than now, and help to manage our online presence and reputation with China & Taiwan.
    There is a lot of business opportunity available and due to our optimized network and strong competitive dedicated server offerings, we have an edge in the market. We are also close to launching our new Cloud Hosting service which will drive sales even higher as we are able to target another segment of the market.

    If you can speak AND write Chinese (as you will be on the phone and on instant messengers - QQ, MSN) and have a good mind for Sales and Marketing, as well as some experience in the web hosting field with dedicated servers, VPS, bandwidth, IP Addresses, control panels, Microsoft Windows versions and you can adapt and learn quickly, then you should be able to make yourself into quite a success.

    Job Responsibilities:
    - Promote QuadraNet to the Chinese market on various discussion forums, following each one's specific forum rules.
    - Take place in discussions on these forums and make yourself known as an intelligent, informative, and helpful member.
    - Market our products and services in a manner which bestows professionalism and respect to customers so that they do not feel that they are being spammed.
    - Generate your own prospective leads and clients and close them using our service quality foremost, and competitive offerings second.
    - Be creative and come up with ideas for new promotions or marketing, as well as listen to the needs of the Chinese community.
    - Assist with incoming, hot, sales leads to our website, ticket system, and live chat. (You sales sources will be tracked, you cannot just use natural incoming leads as your only sales, you must promote and generate sales yourself)
    - Discover new venues for promoting yourself and our company other than currently established locations, as well as targeting individual sub-segments such as VPS providers, VPN providers, Shared Hosting providers, etc.
    - Work out of our downtown Los Angeles offices ( 530 West 6th Street, LA, 90014 ) which are close to 2 train stations, and many bus stops.

    Job Requirements:
    - Must speak AND write (at least well enough for people to understand) Chinese.
    - Ideally preferred if capable of writing Simplified, Traditional, and Cantonese. This will help us target China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
    - If you are able to speak another language such as Korean or Japanese, along with Chinese then these are also welcomed as we can target those countries as well.
    - Must have experience using instant messengers, especially QQ and MSN.
    - Must have experience using forums and discussion boards.
    - Must have a strong mind for sales, marketing, and customer service. Customer service is a LARGE part of continued service after the sale.
    - Highly preferred to already have web hosting, dedicated server, VPS experience.
    - Highly preferred to already have control panels (cPanel, Interworx, Plesk) experience.
    - Highly preferred to already have Operating System experience (Windows, Linux)
    - Highly preferred to know what IP Addresses are, what bandwidth is, what network routes are, etc.
    - Should have knowledge of server hardware as you will be helping the client design their server based on our standard offerings and available customizations. You must know about hardware and be able to remember and learn specific requirements to build certain configurations, etc.
    - You MUST be highly motivated and self-driven. It is expected that you will work on making sales and expanding your online presence at night and on weekends on your own time, as this will only benefit you with additional sales. You will work Los Angeles day hours, and are expected to also be available part of the night in L.A. so that you are online and available for Chinese day-time hours. Again, this will only increase your sales and thus your remuneration.

    This is an immediately available position and the potential for more than 1 person to be hired is good as the market is very large and more than 1 person can handle.
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