US Linux VPS

TheSRV is a US VPS/Dedicated Server expansion of GBServers Ltd which has been trading for near 4 years.

Our US Linux VPS are hosted on our own premium hardware in a reliable US Datacenter. All of our VPS use the OpenVZ virtualization platform. Our plans are not oversold; you are guaranteed to receive the resources you pay for.

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Please use the coupon code TRYSRV when signing up.

Our VPS packages are listed below:

Guaranteed RAM: 128MB
Burstable RAM: 256MB
Bandwidth: 100GB
>> Cost per month: $2.75 first month* $5.49 recurring

Guaranteed RAM: 384MB
Burstable RAM: 768MB
Bandwidth: 250GB
>> Cost per month: $5 first month* $9.99 recurring

Guaranteed RAM: 512MB
Burstable RAM: 1024MB
Bandwidth: 400GB
>> Cost per month: $6.50 first month* $12.99 recurring

Guaranteed RAM: 1024MB
Burstable RAM: 2048MB
Bandwidth: 850GB
>> Cost per month: $12.50 first month* $24.99 recurring

HDD: 120GB
Guaranteed RAM: 2048MB
Burstable RAM: 4096MB
Bandwidth: 1500GB
>> Cost per month: $25.00 first month* $49.99 recurring

HDD: 180GB
Guaranteed RAM: 4096MB
Burstable RAM: 8192MB
Bandwidth: 2500GB
>> Cost per month: $48.00 first month* $95.99 recurring


We also have the following plan which can be paid yearly, this plan is not including the 50% off.

>> For more information or to order, please click here. <<

*Remember to enter coupon code "TRYSRV" when signing up!

- All servers are hosted on our own hardware in a reliable US datacenter.
- 2 FREE IP Addresses (1 IP included and another IP free when justification is provided).
- 100Mbit internet connection.
- Servers are managed through the SolusVM Panel.

What operating system can my VPS have?
-We supply a number of Linux operating systems, a full list can be found on our website.
How long will it take for my VPS to be setup?
-VPS setup is automated; your VPS will be setup after full payment of your first invoice.
What payments do you accept?
-We accept PayPal, Google Checkout and Credit/Debit Card via Nochex.

Test ping IP:
Test File:
For more information visit our website, here.

If you require further information about our company or the services that we offer, you can visit our website at or email our our sales team at sales [at] gbclients

Please note: All billing and support for TheSRV is processed through GBClients which handles billing and support for GBServers Ltd and sister brands.