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    VPS Reseller $2.40 - Free HostBill

    Become a VPS service reseller. You need a domain, website and SEO skills to generate traffic to your VPS reseller website. How does the reseller program work:
    - No upfront cost to you - our reseller!
    - Buy a $3.00 VPS, then each additional VPS you can purchase at 20% discount
    - Install FREE HostBill to manage your business - install it on your own VPS
    - Pay only for the NODE you sell
    - The first node you sell is $2.40 ($3 less 20%), and each next node is the SAME price
    - Choose from two locations (Europe and Canada) - more locations coming soon
    - FREE IP address with each node - for you or for your client
    - White label - your customer will never know you are using for you XEN VPS hosting.
    - SolusVM for you and your customers to administer the VPS
    - Many OS available
    - Easy to upgrade. Cancel at any time. - We are in 1% of hosting companies that don't waste money on marketing.
    XEN VPS Hosting

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    I'm Interested.

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    How come there's a free hostbill when we will only pay $3/month?

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    We are a master reseller and have purchased substenial quantity of licenses on the prepaid basis to run this promotion. This offers lasts as long as we have the licenses available, so hurry...
    Please email us if you have questions, as we don't visit this board on a regular basis, not time for this... - We are in 1% of hosting companies that don't waste money on marketing.
    XEN VPS Hosting

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    Is this offer still available?

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