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    Where Does WHM Put public_html Files When an Account is Suspended?

    Recently it became necessary to use WHM to suspend one of my clients. After suspending his account I accessed his cPanel to create a backup file which I made available to him for download so he could get hosting elsewhere. Once he had his backup I deleted his account using WHM.

    Now this ex-client says that his new host found an empty public_html folder. and could I please send along his files. I'm willing to do this but I can not find them.

    I do have backups of his account but as it was suspended over a month before he noticed all of the backups seem to have public_html files that do not contain his content. I guess it sucks to be him.

    Does anyone know where I might find his files?
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    When an account is suspended it does not remove or move any of the files under the public_html directory, instead, it creates a custom .htaccess file that redirects visitors to your suspension page. Look within the backup file, do you see a homedir.tar.gz or any other archives?
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