Hello Today we have slightly modified our promotionís

Shared Hosting & Enterprise hosting now 50% off for the 1st 3 months or pay yearly or 2 yearly and get it for half price.

Shared Standard http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/hosting
Enterprise Shared http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/enthosting.htm

Standard Reseller hosting/Enterprise now 50% off for the 1st 3months or pay yearly or 2 yearly and get it for half price

Standard Reseller http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/reseller.htm
Enterprise Reseller http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/entreseller.htm

Servers are located in the UK or Canada or PS or LA

Cloud VPS Servers are located in Waterloo Canada, we currently offer 4 base choices, these can be customised with addonís we are currently running a number of promotionís including a full managed plan for the first 3 months at no extra cost, rapid setup, upgradeable, with 5% discount on base plan excluding any addonís
99.95% SLA, see http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/cloud.htm for further details or let us know, we can do a 72 hour free trial on base specs should you require just let us know through here or our helpdesk at http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/client

VPS Servers Windows or Linux we offer some great deals on Linux & Windows VPS servers these machines are located in Manchester, LA, PA for WHT members we will offer fully managed package on any machines in these locationís just order online and open a support ticket to be upgraded to fully managed. We resell these machines on behalf of burstnet. See http://www.southukinternet.co.uk/vpshosting.htm this managed plan applies to Linux OS with cPanel or Direct Admin only and is ongoing for as long as you keep the VPS.

UK & US Dedicated Servers, ADSL for UK coming soon.

Any questionís please email ceo at southukinternet.ltd.uk for more details

Thank you.