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    Is this possible with openvz?

    Hello all,
    I am trying to setup my first openvz box and wondering if i can split containers among 3 hdd without using raid like this

    Sda - /vz - 5 containers
    Sdb - /vz2 - 5 containers
    Sdc - /vz3 - 5 containers

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes like this
    vzctl create 101 --private /vz2/private/101 --root /vz2/root/101
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    Very possible using OpenVZ - however last time I looked not many control panels support it (vePortal/SolusVM etc..).

    Not sure if your using a control panel though...
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    Yes, this is possible like many members said.
    Split them into different partitions for each vps.

    If you are using a Control Panel other than the supported ones, then I recommend you switch because of the problems you might face.

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    Thank you all for the replies, however how i can make this work with solusVM ?

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    You can also do it like creating different nodes

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    Thank you for the suggestion Alexx,
    however when you add a node in solusvm it doesn't ask for path,
    it have option for LV group but that's only for XEN and i try to do this with openVZ

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexx LL View Post
    You can also do it like creating different nodes

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