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    Share Your St Patrick's Day Themes

    Have you themed your website for St. Patrick's Day? I finished mine around 2330 GMT, leaving myself some time to play a bit of MoH. Check it out here. All in, I created a small and simple flash banner animation for affiliates, a custom static banner for a local shop I advertise with, a Twitter avatar and the obvious site graphics. I'm thinking of making a custom Twitter page design next time. In the mean time, I am looking forward to improving my graphic skills by learning new techniques and getting inspiration from what others have created.

    So share your designs too! Changing site themes for different occasions isn't just the realm of Google and the like.

    Incidentally, I did better on my theme than I did in Medal of Honor. <sarcasm>Must have been lag</sarcasm>
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    I like the look of your website, but it doesn't look very Irish to me. Did I miss something? When is Saint Patty's Day again anyways?

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    Thanks. Whenever I theme for events, I don't layer it on thickly. Just small changes to the live support graphic, and hosting blocks in the centre. Sometimes I'll add something extra, like the Gaelic quote directly below the hosting blocks. And it's this Thursday.

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    Ah, I did notice those 3 things. This thursday, hmm, good to know. Thanks.

    Brandon Chase

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    I'm surprised... I thought more people would theme their sites for different occasions, particularly as each occasion provides the opportunity to attract new visitors / customers.

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    I've done it before lots in the past, but I just recently finished going through a re-design and really didn't feel much like doing any changes again.

    That, and as already stated above, I kind of forgot about Saint Patty's Day.

    Brandon Chase

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