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    System Administrator, programmer, support for hire

    Greg Borbonus
    Email:[email protected]
    433 cliffside dr.
    C 832 576 5956
    Born: Feb 3, 1983
    US Citizen


    *nix System Administrator Specializing in Security, optimization, performance, Custom design and implementation for servers and applications.

    -Summary of Qualifications
    Senior Level *nix Administrator with experience in management as well as team leader on many custom projects, providing expertise,advice, and implementation of said advice to companies.

    . 10+ years Administrating *nix systems
    . Custom development of control panel interfaces and command scripts
    . Development, deployment, and maintenance of custom templates and applications
    . Management of Technical teams
    . Installation, configuration and manipulation of 3rd party software
    . Programming for use in a multi-server environment(bash, perl, php, sh, mysql, html, css, javascript, ROR, python).
    . Daemon developing, debugging
    . Managing networks of 1000+ servers
    . Development of custom cPanel scripts
    . Intimate knowledge of cPanel and it's services.
    . Troubleshooting from the basic TCP/IP network issue to mitigating Ddos attacks.
    . Advanced understanding of routing and network overview
    . Optimization of the kernel, as well as the SQL system, and other high-end problematic software.
    . Debugging and repairing kernel and other related issues.
    . Securing networks including(but not limited to) SSH logging, 5 layer security protocols and advanced firewall techniques
    . VPS management(including custom command line scripts for mitigating issues)
    . SNMP monitoring software development and customization
    . Advanced protocol optimization(ex: http optimization with iptables and through daemon configuration)
    . Debugging and customization of Voip software
    . PHP development for custom and existing CMS'
    . And more


    Digital Reality Corp

    Jul 2010 - March 2011
    • Lead developer(for website design)
    • Hosting administrator

    Rapidpeer Jan 2010 - ongoing
    Technical Manager

    . Provide custom setup for automation of seedbox clients. This included:
    . Development of a user management system from the base Linux User management, including the ability to do things such as create, suspend, terminate, unsuspend, activate and deactivate special features, quota management, FTP, http, custom daemon for downloading
    . Developing and deploying control panel daemon integrated into Cart system which grants the owner the ability to manage multiple servers from the carts admin panel.
    . Develop and deploy custom daemon to alleviate the http protocol from traffic.(daemon does all the work on another port), as well as eliminating the Limits built into Apache.
    . Statistic generation
    . Create custom FTP application to provide a routing system for FTP, allowing increased speeds by redirecting traffic through a backend connection, which has greater throughput then the public side.
    . Edit and maintain custom version of a php based interface for a torrenting system.
    . Adding application features and command line scripts that handle the various functions needed.
    . Using the Cron system to handle automated checking of certain criteria
    . Securing access with access hashes(accross the API)
    . Providing support for clients
    . Problem-solving the setup.
    . Creating a single script that sets up the server to be used with the cart system(script takes about 30 minutes to run, then everything is done).
    . Plus more.
    . Give Technical advice to the owner, to see how to proceed with certain features/functions
    . Debug server issues
    . Support Raid system(software and hardware)
    . Develop custom traffic shaping application
    . and more.

    Voipo LLC mid 2009-Dec 2009
    Linux System Adminstrator
    . Custom work with Voip software
    . Assisted with development of php interface
    . Advised on Security implementation
    . Network design and structure

    cPanel Inc 2000 to 2003
    LEVEL II technical Analyst
    . Provided support for customers through their support interface.
    . Wrote scripts to assist in debugging issues
    . Find issues with the software and provide patches
    . Repair issues on in house servers/network
    . Monitor staff at lower levels
    . Create procedural documents for repairing issues and replying to customers
    . provide advice to other technicians on issues.
    . Provide shift reports for managers

    Explicit Network Solutions(formally explicit hosting), 2000 to current
    Owner and technical admin
    . Obtain clients
    . Maintain uptim throughout network
    . Secure network from intrustion or attack
    . Create custom solutions for customers
    . Repair issues with everything from a website to a voice service not functioning properly.
    . Provide a technical contact for companies who are on contract.
    . Provide advice to companies and clients for solutions to their unique requirements.
    . Maintain privacy of their conversations and solutions.


    . C(limited).
    . Cpanel Related:
    . SSH/Bash Shell
    . Cpanel/WHM
    . Exim
    . Apache
    . APF (Advanced policy firewall, outdated now, I do like csf).
    . BFD (APF brute force detection system, LFD if using CSF).
    . Iptables
    . WHM autopilot, whmcs, and modernbill.
    . Fantastico
    . Zend optimizer
    . Various Help Desk Software
    . Various Image gallery software
    . Content management software(joomla, php-nuke, mambo and others).
    . Forum software.
    . Php image manipulation software.
    . CSF(configserver Firewall and Security, which includes csf and lfd, lfd stands for login failure daemon).
    . Virtuozzo
    . OpenVZ
    . Other VPS types
    . Freeswitch
    . Asterisks
    . DNS
    . Perl
    . PHP
    . Bash/SSH
    . iptables
    . SQL database
    . Kernel development
    . FTP
    . Mail systems
    . Windows(very limited)
    . Others

    English: Native language
    Spanish: Very little of this, picked up here and there.

    -General responsibilities
    . Managed all servers/sites on network
    . Logging and maintenance of other staff's actions.
    . Configuration and general setup procedure for new servers and optimization techniques.
    . Work with customers directly to improve their experience.
    . Develop Custom Solutions for the network.
    . Maintain server uptime.
    . Work directly with the Data center(s) to correct any issue caused by something on their end.
    . Investigate any report of abuse provided.
    . Install and maintain any script/server software required.
    . Kernel optimizations.
    . Firewatch(which means that when a server gets overloaded, I must react to stop whatever is causing it.)
    . Develop monitoring software and such.
    . Develop scripts for server auditing and such. Something that I can run on one server and use that server to audit every other server.

    -References (Removed for privacy reasons, please request these).

    Full-time, with non-compete: 55K
    Full-time without non-compete: 48K
    Part-time without non-compete: 30K
    Part-time with non-compete: I will not be accepting these positions.

    -Contact me via IM:

    MSN:[email protected]

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