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    Does your website use a CMS?

    Aimed mostly at website hosting businesses and companies, is your website based or powered by a Content Management System such as WordPress?

    Hivelocity's website is powered by WordPress, and so is Blesta (though not a hosting business).

    My company's website is powered by a completely custom CMS. It's still a work in progress, but, it does what it needs do, and efficiently.
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    Why did you go for something custom over something out of the box?

    We've opted for Wordpress. I'm in love with that script

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    Well, ours doesn't, but we're more in the design business than hosting, and I don't want off-the-shelf software adding unnecessary code to our Web properties (and we can edit our sites faster in code than through a CMS anyway, so why add extra weight and time to our workload?).

    But when we build sites for clients, roughly 2/3 use an off-the-shelf CMS (and we're ok with this - a little tweaking and you can minimize the flaws that are inherent in any one-size-fits-all solution). Of the remaining customers, roughly half use no CMS at all. They don't want to sign in somewhere to make changes - they want Webmastering service instead, and a CMS would not benefit them. The remaining clients have custom-built CMSs, particularly larger clients whose needs could never be covered by an off-the-shelf solution.

    Software like WordPress, ExpressionEngine and Drupal have their places, but there's a significant group of businesses for whom these (and other) boxed products fall WAY short of what's needed. Or, using an off-the-shelf solution presents more problems than solutions, like trying to handle a security upgrade when you've modded half the core source files.

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    Currently mine does not, but in the past i've used WP (word press) and Joomla which are both very, very good. I can't complain about either of them.

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    Wordpress is a great CMS. There are a lot of company websites which runs on wordpress and make more hits than custom designed websites.

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    I tend to build corporate sites using Joomla due to it's robust features and acl is amazing. I have never got into wordpress for the entire site as it started as a blog and that is where I still see it today except with added on plugins. I do however use wordpress for blog sites but not corporate homepages .

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    I agree with the_pm, we don't use a CMS either. Not only does it slow the site down, but you also have the added security risk of exploits for the CMS you're running.
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    It really depends on what you're website provides. If you have a lot of content that needs to be updated regularly - go for CMS. If you don't change your site content that often, just code your pages directly.

    Personally, I prefer to code my pages in HTML and CSS, rather than using a CMS. I'm not too fond of those "off the shelf" products, although I've used a lot of them in the past. They just offer way too many features that you're probably not going to need.

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    I find that Joomla does everything and then some for building most of my websites. I used to think that only WordPress was useful for blogs until I also discovered EasyBlog for Joomla.

    Joomla takes a little bit more getting used to than WordPress as far as making your own custom templates for it but once you get past that hurdle, it's well worth the learning curve. Most people use WordPress of it's ease of use and ease of templating.

    I also find it better to do CMS as using a CMS also allows you to better maintain a client's website as opposed to running static pages. But then again, everybody has their own ideas on how to build sites. There really is more than one "right" answer as it's all about what works best for you!
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    I use Wordpress a lot for clients, because many of my clients are not net'savvy and need something simple to do updates themselves. Joomla is another one I use often, but more so for myself then for clients, it's a little more complex then Wordpress.

    I would post a couple of the websites I have done in Wordpress, but I'm not allowed to post links yet.

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    I'm currently looking into both Joomla and Wordpress to use for a new project. Not sure which I'll end up using.

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    If you have a shorter deadline, then go ahead and play with WordPress as it's stable and easier to use.

    Joomla! just released their 1.6 version and several components, plugins, and modules are being retrofitted to work on the newer platform.

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    You caught us, yes we use Wordpress on our main website.. it is easy to integrate, and easy to update content. I personally prefer it over others like Joomla and Drupal, but should I do it over again I would consider ExpressionEngine.

    Utilizing an existing CMS is a good call, even for developers who could easily create something custom.. it saves a lot of time.
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    Wordpress all the way here - though I do have a couple of sites running expression engine.
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