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    Did you guys all register your online business? If so, where/how?????????????????????

    I am about to go crazy... can someone please tell me?
    there are so much resources about how to create a website but not how to legally register your website!
    Is it only me who cares about it?
    I really want to register website and be recognized as a registered business.

    let me introduce about my website very briefly. My website is a user based computer graphics art marketplace. What I mean by user based is that this business is for users to sell/buy their art works to each other. Also it's all digital downloads so there won't be any physical shipping or anything.

    If someone could answer these questions, I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

    1. Is my business also e-commerce?
    2. where&how would you register your business
    3. if this is not the right forum to ask these types of questions which site can help me? could you link me?

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    Where are you located? If you're in the U.S. you will need to check with your State. You can also use business brokers such as LegalZoom to register your business for you. I recommend you do some research and also contact your secretary of state's and county clerk's office for more information on filing for an LLC, Corp or DBA. Assuming of you're in the U.S, of course.

    Also, check the Running a Web Hosting Business forums.
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    I think the above post has answered your question.

    As for website your website is already registered with your domain registrar. But for the company behind (owning) the website to recognized you'll need to register it in your respective country.

    Good Luck
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    Once you have registered your company you may apply for some of these EVL certificates that Verisign, Geotrust Thawte etc. offer which offer an additional layer of authority to your website.

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