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    VPS: General PTR Question


    My VPS provider recently switched my IP (they said it was something on their end). Everything is fine but when I look (via intodns) at my sites, I see that the:

    "Reverse MX A records (PTR)" points to a domain that isn't mine or related to me.

    1) Does this mean there's a problem with the IP?

    2) I've read other threads here on WHT that seem to say that it's simply a matter of telling your provider and having them make the correction. Is this accurate?

    3) Currently mail for me and all of my clients is running PERFECTLY with no problems. Is there any issue with leaving this as it is?

    4) If they do make the change to my correct domain name, will this interfere with my email? I don't want to screw anything up in a system that's really running just fine.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It's the rDNS of the last person who used your IP. Just let your provider know you want it updated to your own - having the wrong rDNS sometimes may affect email delivery. Changing the rDNS will not interfere or screw up your email.

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    It just means the IP was used by someone else before with that rDNS set. Just ask your provider to change the rDNS of your IP to what you want.

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    Your VPS provider should have given you access to a control panel. You should be able to change the rDNS from the control panel, and if this doesn't work for whatever reason - open a ticket and ask your provider to change the rDNS for you.

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    The owner of your IP address, in most cases your provider, needs to update the PTR record. A simple ticket will do the job, and if it doesn't, I'd advise on searching for a new host

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