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    vBulletin-optimised VPS Hosting

    Radon Systems Limited is pleased to offer its new XenForo-orientated products and services, comprising of optimised VPS hosting, installation, upgrade, maintenance and support.

    vBulletin optimised VPS hosting gives your vBulletin community the critical boost in keeping your community alive: sustainability and speed. Our optimised VPS packages offers a magnitude of improvements over a standard VPS.

    Your server is configured with LiteSpeed Web Server, a server that is typically around 50% faster, and more efficient than the common Apache HTTPd Web Server. We also install caching softwares for PHP acceleration. We will work with you to configure your vBulletin install to perform optimally.

    Each package comes with FREE modification installation, a LiteSpeed license and limited vBulletin support.

    5% off with "5OFF" coupon!

    Here are our VPS hosting packages:

    Basic Starter - $45
    1.5 GB RAM
    50GB Disk Space
    200GB Bandwidth (Level 3)
    2 IP Addresses
    LiteSpeed Web Server
    Order Now

    Small Business - $60
    2 GB RAM
    60GB Disk Space
    500GB Bandwidth (Level 3)
    2 IP Addresses
    LiteSpeed Web Server
    Order Now

    Professional - $75
    2.5 GB RAM
    80 GB Disk Space
    700GB Bandwidth (Level 3)
    2 IP Addresses
    LiteSpeed Web Server
    Order Now

    If you need a VPS with high specifications, we offer a custom Enterprise service. Please contact us here to discuss your requirements.


    cPanel / WHM - $15 per month
    Additional IP: $1 per month

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post here in this thread, or submit a ticket to our sales department.

    VPS packages are billed pro-rated until the 1st of the next available billing month.

    Read more about vBulletin optimised-VPS at our website.
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