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    I'm thinking of getting a dedicated server from

    Is there anyone who uses/used them who can share their experience?

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    Haven't heard them before. There isn't much of a review too. I recommend you do a detailed study before your signup.

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    Their domain has been around since 2001, their website is nice, prices are good, and the guy I called was helpful and friendly.
    I just want to make sure because I don't want something like leaseweb to happen.
    Good for a while, then ignoring me completely.

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    Here is a review which I could find though it is regarding VPS.

    WHOIS information shows Creation date: 13 Feb 2001 . I could not say that they have been started their business from that date though.

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    The only issue is the speed.
    I have a server at frantech and downloaded a test file from bhost vps. Speed didn't go past 2MB/s.
    Same file from a leaseweb server - 12MB/s.

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    You can perform BHost network speed tests etc. at:

    BHost - Linux VPS and Cloud
    Fremont, CA | London, UK | Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Homepage -
    Reviews -

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