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    Looking for abuse file scanner

    Does anyone have or know of a comprehensive script for scanning your server to detect abusive files and applications?

    I could also use suggestions on where to find dictionaries to use for detecting malware, scripts, warez, viruses, hackers tools, rootkits, etc.

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    What OS?

    Clamav and rootkit is good for scanning viruses and checking the system integrity. (for Linux)

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    ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs) is a tool that performs active scanning of files as they're uploaded to the server.
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    Besides the ones listed already by others, Linux Malware Detect (
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    AVG also has a Linux scanner as well, have not used, just throwing it out there.
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    I used to have a bash script that used a set of keywords, I think it came from the old EV1 user forum. I figured a script like that will still be perfectly usable (if I can find it). If I had more time I'd just write a new one, I was hoping someone knew where to find it or one just like it but it looks like a lot of those older admin resources are gone now and really aren't being replaced by anything as extensive or easy to use. Most of the linux admin forums these days are more likely to provide an insult or completely useless response, it seems. Kinda sad....

    (I'm not talking about WHT, this isn't really a primary source of info for linux admins, IMO - I'm referring to various well known forums which claim to specialize in the subject but fail miserably).

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