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    I'm editing a template monster page for a laser hair clinic, and I came upon a problem I'd love your help with.

    The site is, and I have trouble on the "Services section". The table didn't fit on the page, so I made a button that when clicked, goes to another section of the page with another table. The privacy policy functioned like that, so I thought I'd just replace the privacy policy with the other, and link to it. However, when I link to it within the slider, it won't work. If you hit the "Privacy policy" button at the bottom of the page though, it goes to the new section.

    I wanted to know if there is a way I can link to that section of the page within the slider.

    The code for the link looks like this :
    <a href="#" rel="privacy">Privacy Policy</a>

    It works at the bottom of the page, but not inside the slider! I am presuming the reason it doesn't work is because the rel is referring to a relative position, and inside the slider that's not where it is. I don't know where to go from there though.


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    Have you tried linking with the elements' name attribute?
    for example:

    <a href="#section1" rel="privacy">Privacy Policy</a>
    <div name="section1"></div>

    You can read more about it in:

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    Can you please explain a little bit more. I went to your page and could not get the slightest of idea what the problem was. I clicked on the privacy policy page and it was also not working.

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